We are based in Switzerland and France. Transportation costs in France and Switzerland are free

We deliver all European countries and we fulfill customs and VAT free for you for the following countries:


If a country is not mentioned in the automatic list of countries to deliver, just call us and we will make you an estimatation of the delivery costs. In principle, for a light product (duvet, mattress topper, plaid), we can deliver all countries.

France and Switzerland : all inclusive, nothing to add to the price of the product

Zone A - Shipping and VAT calculated by the system - Europe & Nature pays customs duties and VAT : Germany, Belgium, Austria & Holland

Zone B - Shipping calculated by the system - The customer pays customs duties and VAT - all other European countries

Zone C - No automatic calculation - every other country in the world outside the European Union.

Delivery times

Delivery times are indicated on the products files. We have two types of products: products on stock (usually 10 days), and the products « made to order » (4 weeks on average). « Make to Order » products can be shipped directly from our supplier.

For the countries of Zone C, you must add the transportation time.

Your orders are processed once your payment acquitted. If you have choosen to pay by banking transfer, you should have received an order confirmation with our bank account number (IBAN).

Shipping Rates

The shipping rates depend of the product. Prices depend of the number of products your ordered and of the destination.

Before confirming your order, you can do a simulation (without any obligation on your part) of the transportation costs. Just go on the « cart page » and you can carry out a simulation of price on the website.


All our products are inspected and tested before shipment. It may be that some items are shipped from the supplier. Thus you might receive an article directly from the place from the workshop of the manufacturer and the rest from our warehouse.

Do not worry if you receive a partial order, the rest is being prepared. It is better to ship directly from our suppliers, this saves CO2 emissions.

Track your order

Once you placed your order, you receive an email confirmation that we have registered. In the case of a bank transfer, we await the receipt of the transfer before processing your order.

You can also call us Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. at +33 33 4825359 or at any time +41 21 8 NATURE / 4121 8 628 873 to find out the shipping status of your orders. We will be happy to answer you.

You can also write to We answer you by 24 hours.

Delivery of orders

It is imperative that you leave your mobile phone when you register your order. This phone number will be used by the carrier to reach you at the time of delivery. It is always difficult to know whether the carrier delivers the morning or the afternoon because it depends on a variety of parameters.

If you have special instructions to report us for delivery, please notify it to us at the moment of your order validation.

It is also possible to tell the carrier to leave goods in front of your door. You have to warn us and leave a message on your door. But this kind of delivery is up to your responsibility.

« Out of dimension » package

Deliverers never climb upstairs. If you want a delivery at door step, thank you to let us know by email at the address

We will do an estimatation for a door step delivery but of course, it is extra charge.

Receipt of orders

It is imperative that you check carefully the receipt of the goods and warn immediately the carrier of the reception defaults in Writing. Write us immediately after. This allows us to issue a claim to the carrier.

Customer returns

Please note that refunds can be accepted up to 30 days after delivery. The parcel must be returned in the original packaging

For returns, thank you to write us to to obtain our return address.