Europe & Nature,

it is first and foremost a community of buyers!

It is the buying community's strength (number of buyers, volume) that enables our suppliers to exist despite a difficult economic situation, at the same time granting working methods and conditions concerned with the protection of our environment.

This is why we call this community of buyers ‘Oxygen club’. indeed, the way you buy contributes to safeguard our planet! Together and active for the planet thanks to the way we buy!

Being registered as a Europe & Nature member, you get fidelity points from your first purchase.

10 chf spent give 10 fidelity point, 10 euros spent give 12 fidelity points.

50 collected fidelity points give 1 franc reduction. 60 collected fidelity points give 1 euro reduction. Fidelity points may be collected and used without time limit!

How to collect fidelity points?

  • shopping on Internet or by phone,
  • getting a super premium of 1000 additional points when first order.