Our choice of raw materials

Why is it so important to choose organic cotton?

  • 99% of the cotton farmers live and work in the third world. They are often poorly educated and insufficiently if at all, protected against the extra ordinarily poisonous pesticides they work with. A combined report from FAO, UNEP and WHO states that at least one million agricultural workers annually are so seriously effected that they are hospitalised.
    One of the most harmful pesticides is called Aldicarb. It is so harmful that a single drop, absorbed through the skin is lethal for an adult. Today, this chemical is being used in 25 countries. Better protection and better education could help but at Europe & Nature, we prefer not to use hazardous substances. In the use of the pesticides, we know little about the phenomena of organic accumulation. By buying nonorganic cotton products, you import at the same time products impregnated of pesticides, which are more or less persistent and which are prohibited in the EEC and Switzerland. The textiles once bought then washed reject into water these pesticides. The services of water treatment qualify these pesticides as micro polluting substances. Even if they carry out research on how to improve the processing of improving water treatment, it is currently very difficult to get rid of pesticides out of water. You will find in our Europe & Nature range, bed linens and duvets made of organic cotton.
  • You migt find in our collection some non organic cotton but it will be raw cotton or cotton with a minium of dyes.

Why flax culture is really ecological ?

Flax has been cultivated for thousand years. Flax grows without using a lot of chemicals and irrigation and flax is fully integrated in a natural rotation of cultures. The industrial process of spinning, weaving and finishing has no negative impact on our environment. Another advantage of flax is its natural color, the flax is cultivated since a thousand year, it is a plant which grows without massive use of chemicals and this plant requires little fertilizers. With Europe & Nature™ you will find an entire collection of bedlinen, duvets, table cloths, towels, bath robe. You will not find articles 50% flax, 50% cotton because cotton did not come from organic farming. The flax absorbs 30 to 50% of moisture and thus of perspiration, much more than cotton. During your sleep, your skin will be more easily ventilated.

What is wood pulp cellulose ?

Wood pulp cellulose is manufactured from beech tree. Beech trees do not need to be artificially replanted and does not require any irrigation. Beech forest is regenerated automatically without intervention of the man. All our beeches come from Austrian forests. To produce wood pulp cellulose, we use the pulp of beech which we mix with water and a nontoxic solvent which belongs to the amine oxide family. The result is a very robust fiber produced with little water and pesticides. But the cellulose is not only robust, it is soft like silk, it absorbs moisture during your sleep like any other fiber in the world, and it is the most resistant fiber to bacterial attacks (in front of cotton and far above propylene, polyester and polyamides). We recommend the use of cellulose for skin sensitive people because the skin under a cellulose fabric breathes easily, perspiration is easily absorbed and the contact of cellulose on the skin is not irritating. You will find with Europe & Nature™, a full range of bed linen and duvets without any dyes.

Why is your furniture in massive wood exclusively ?

Our furniture is in massive wood with a water base paint. We condemn furniture in chip board panels with Europe & Nature. In the process of production of chip board panels, the wood pulp is bound with a glue called formaldehyde, chemical carcinogenic component.
So when furnishing the room with chip board panels, you contaminate his interior especially when your child spends half of his life in the same environment.
You will find in our collection of furniture a range of wardrobe, bed, toy boxes without formaldehyde or with tiny traces of it but without danger to the health of your children.

What are the constraints with a futon mattress ?

Futon mattress are 100% natural but they need to be maintained. During the first 3 months, you have to hit your mattress in order to come back to its original shape.

The choice of the products and the suppliers

Why are your suppliers European ?

We wish to sell products only manufactured in Europe. When we speak about European manufacturers, we do not speak solely about conditioning or cutting, but as well about weaving spinning and assembling. Many stamped articles “made in Europe” are sometimes manufactured in remote countries, only the conditioning of the products is done on the European territory. We went to inquire near each supplier, about their conditions of manufacturing and we checked that 100% of their manufacturing process were made in Europe. We are convinced that:

  1. Controls on manufacturing are of better quality when the products are manufactured on the European territory
  2. While buying in Europe exclusively, we guarantee certain working conditions. We ensure that our suppliers are respectful of the environment and that our suppliers ensure a minimal social protection for their employees.
  3. We think non ecological to make the products coming from more than 10,000 kms of our place of consumption. The oceans currently belong to the most polluted zones of our planet. 

Can we buy your tableware without any risk of breakage?

Our glasses are out of pressed glass, they are dish washer and microwave free. They are made with a strong thickness with prevent them to break easily. Our plates are out of sandstones resulting from only one heating. We tested the solidity of this tableware. Our rate of breakage is for the moment lower than 1%. If in the case your glasses arrived broken, thank you to write it to us immediately following the reception.

I need to touch the products before buying them ? How can I do ?

We do not have any showroom or shop. We do sell through internet exclusively. That's the reason why we sell afordable products with excellent quality.

Your grading system : how does it work ?

4 criteria are important for us:

  1. Proximity, The more you buy far, the more you spend CO2 to transport the products. All of our suppliers are less than 2000 km from our point of sales.
  2. Natural raw materials : We think that natural raw materials are more benefit to your health rather than synthetic raw materials.  For example, the wool is a very good captor of chemicals and protects to you during your sleep. The wood pulp cellulose is a very good captor of moisture and much more resistant to bacterial attacks.
  3. Biodegradable
  4. Recyclable: Whenever we use raw materials, we think about the biodegradable or recycle aspect. So it is important for us to judge if the raw material is biodegradable then if not, if the raw material can be easily recycled.

Why are your textiles without dye?

  • Today all the attempts made on natural dyes were not enough satisfactory because the natural dye was not fixed sufficiently on textile fiber. In the other hand, all dyes used in the textile industry are of synthesis. These chemical dyes are categorized by the water processing companies as “micropolluants” and these micro-polluants are very difficult to reprocess. We thus made the choice to use natural dyes, like original brown cotton, the cellulose color champagne or the gray color of the flax. These colors are soft and respectful of the environment.
  • Some of articles could be with dyes but we guarantee that they are OEKOTEX certified.
Our Processes

I am afraid of Internet and also to order on Internet, especially to pay by credit card. How can I do ? How to buy your products?

You can order our paper catalog on the internet site. It's free and no charge is made for the shipping. You can order through paper catalog, or by telephone or through secured payment like Paypal. We do accept payment by transfer on our IBAN account.

How does the Oxygen club work ?

When registering as client on our website, you can benefit of fidelity points. 1000 fidelity points give 20 euros/ CHF of reduction. Details of these fidelity points are given on the headline Oxygen Club. Partnership system described above can give cumulative fidelity points.

How can I ship a gift to a someone else ?

When ordering, you just have to give a different name and address of delivery.

How to sponsor a friend?

Initially it is necessary to be registered as a customer of Europe & Nature™. Then it is necessary for you to go in the heading “my Account” located at the top of the screen. Then it is necessary to go in the left part and to click on the module sponsorship. It is enough for you then to fill in the email address of your friend. At the time of its next purchase, it will automatically receive 500 points of fidelity like godson and you will receive 1000 points fidelity as godfather or godmother. The fidelity points are cumulative and valid with life.

In how much time can I be delivered ?

Our articles are shippable under 10 days in Europe for the articles which we keep in stock. For other countries, leadtimes depend on the National Post. On the other hand some articles are manufactured within the order according to the criteria that you selected (size, color according to the products). Times of deliveries are systematically indicated on the product cards.

How to do if I am not satisfied with an article?

You have 30 day period to return it to us. You pay only the shipping costs. Following the reception of your parcel under acceptable conditions of conditioning, we refund you the price of your article except the shipping costs.